An intelligent educational platform that tailors a curriculum for young children with ASD, built for the Autism Awareness charity organisation. This prototype was built by a team of 4 in 24 hours and achieved 1st place in Accenture's 'Hack for Good' Hackathon (2021) out of 37 participating teams. We are currently on track to ship a fleshed out product by mid March 2021.

GalacticEd focuses on using AI technology to prescribe a curriculum for parents and their children by building a profile around their performance in critical learning categories. The app focuses on providing a clean, hassle-free approach for the parent to support their child's learning journey. There are courses that assess the child's proficiency and engagement in visual tasks, abstract reasoning, emotion recognition, for example. Each course consists of several independent lessons with varying difficulty levels. The recommendation engine uses parameters such as the child's accuracy, response time and historical performance statistics to assign every lesson a recommendation value. This value allows the learning platform to dynamically prescribe new lessons based on how the child is currently performing in each course. The child's performance profile is collated and visualised through graphs that indicate their trend in each course over a given timespa.